We love what we do and it's important to us that our residents feel loved and cared for. This philosophy has been imbedded into the home and the training of our staff since the days of our founder.

We welcome individuals into a home that is safe, caring, relaxing and happy, and one that represents and promotes the dignity and rights of privacy of each resident.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest possible level of care and constantly review our training and provision to ensure we continue to raise the quality bar.

As part of the process, we maintain regular contact with friends and relatives. Here’s what some of them said about the home:

"Mum was so happy and content with you and you always made me feel that everything would be alright, even when I was worried about her."

"The home is the first one I have been in that does not have the "old folks home smell" which can take your breath away. My friend feels very safe and joins in anything she wants to be involved in."

"Overall I am very pleased with the quality of staff and all the support they provide to my mother. The managers communicate regularly with me and my brother and keep us fully informed on how mum is settling in."

"My mother has  settled in very well and is much less agitated than when she was living at home. I believe this has a lot to do with the staff making her feel welcome from the start and creating a calm and happy atmosphere. I am delighted with the care she is receiving"