Our dedicated team of more than 40 staff are registered with the Scottish Social Services Council and work to the National Care Standards to deliver care tailored to the individual needs of our 30 residents.

All have, or are working towards achieving, the appropriate qualifications to meet the governing body's regulations. Staff are also registered with the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme and regularly liaise with other professional bodies where necessary.

The home is inspected annually without prior notice by the Care Inspectorate, and in the last 10 years it has consistently graded our services at top of the range 4 (good), 5 (very good) or 6 (excellent). The most recent report can be viewed here.

Staff-to-resident ratios are a vital part of providing the highest levels of care possible and ensuring residents are looked after individually.

While the home is busy and hosts regular activities, residents are encouraged to participate in the wider community and take advantage of opportunities to go shopping, visit the cinema or theatre, take part in local groups, or just go out for a coffee with friends or family.