Residents in a care home near Inverness city centre are enjoying the calming, peaceful and stimulating benefits of a new amenity garden that opened today.

The Isobel Fraser Home has marked its 120th anniversary of providing care for elderly people by installing the garden with many sensory features at the premises in Mayfield Road.

A broad variety, of plants, surfaces and other objects have been incorporated into the enclosed and safe space to help stimulate the senses of the 29 residents through sight, touch, scent, and hearing.

The garden, which has been created with the help of Munlochy-based Munros Nurseries, was officially opened by the home’s near namesake, the BBC presenter, Isabel Fraser, along with Inverness Provost Helen Carmichael.

Specially-chosen plants, wind chimes and other features, including raised plant beds, have been included, along with a path network, outdoor seating and wheelchair access to allow all residents to enjoy their new surroundings.

Care home manager Victoria Connolly said: “The amenity garden is an extension of the loving care we provide for our residents inside the home. The plants and features are not just beautiful to look at, they can be therapeutic and help stimulate different senses in a safe and calming environment.

“It is a wonderful addition to the facilities we have here and will give much pleasure to our residents and their visitors for many years to come.

“The care we provide includes activities to stimulate all their senses and improve their overall quality of life. The garden is a key part of that and we can already see the pleasure the residents get from it and the benefits it brings.”

The home was founded by Isobel Fraser in 1899 and is the longest established care home in Inverness. it has been in its present location since 1938.

Amenity and sensory gardens have proven therapeutic value for people with a range of disabilities or conditions, such as visual impairment or dementia. It allows them to enjoy nature in a safe and tactile environment and can also make a great contribution to emotional and physical health.