Trustees agree new Environment Policy

The Trustees of the Home recognise the need to be as sustainable or environmentally friendly as possible. This can be difficult in the care home environment where the needs of ourresidents are the first priority. Nevertheless, the Trustees recently approved a new Environmental Policy, which sets out the overarching principles that we will follow in relation to managing the environmental impacts of our operations. The next phase of this project is to produce a programme to implement the policy over the coming months.


Isobel Fraser Home is an important provider of care services in Inverness. We recognise that our activities have an environmental impact and that it is in the best interests of the Home, and society as a whole, that we become more sustainable.

In implementing this commitment to manage our environmental impacts we will:

· Fully comply with environmental regulations.

· Ensure that environmental considerations are integrated into our business decisions.

· Due to their direct impact on the Home, we will prioritise the following issues:

· the use of energy,

· water efficiency,

· waste management,

· food policy, and

· equipment / office supplies

· Develop a wider understanding of environmental issues amongst our staff.

· Regularly review and audit our policies and programmes to ensure that they remain relevant and effective.

Responsibility for implementing this Environmental Policy rests with senior staff / Trustees. A detailed policy implementation plan will be developed incorporating actions on the above issues.